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Navajo Mission

Editor's Note: This category of the Missions page will focus on the Navajo Mission in Arizona. This is where text and/or photos can be published that describe general information about the Navajo Mission.

Listed below are the articles that relate to specific events at the Navajo Mission.

Mission Trip Photos 2015

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mission trip groumission trip1

Rock Point Mission Trip 2015 was a Giant Success!! We had over 150 Kids, Adults, Teens and Helpers attend our Vacation Bible School! The Navajo kids enjoyed Crafts, Games, Music, Theatre, Story Time and Snacks! We also had Crafts for Adults and a Sports Camp for the local Teens! God was definitely using us to spread his word through out the community of Rock Point, AZ!

We also have lots of photos from our 2011 Youth Mission Trip to check out.

Go to our St. Paul Lutheran Church Youth facebook page at and go to our photo albums to check out over 150 Mission Trip photos!

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Navajo Mission

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We have been involved with the Navajo Lutheran Mission since April 2005 when we made our first to the Mission with our Youth Group. Since that time we have taken several trips:



#1 March/April 2005: 17 youth and 13 adults went to the Mission in Rock Point to do work projects at the Mission including remodeling buildings and maintenance activities.

#2 April 2007: 20 youth and 10 adults went to the Mission and did work projects, helped with an Easter Egg hunt, did tutoring, worked on the computer system, and worked on many buildings at the Mission.

#3 July 2008: 24 youth and 13 adults put on a Vacation Bible School and Sports Camp for youth in the Rock Point area as well as completed work and maintenance projects at the Mission.

#4 June 2009: 24 youth and 18 adults (in partnership with Walnut Grove UMC) put on a Vacation Bible School, Sports Camp, and an Adult Craft Ministry for people in the Rock Point area. We averaged 84 people at our events everyday with a high of 97! Many of our youth and adults also provided tutoring and enrichment during their Summer School as well. We also did work and maintenance projects at the Mission.

We will not be taking a trip to Rock Point in 2010, but will resume our partnership there in 2011. Trips have been open to any youth that is involved in our youth group. You do not have to be a "member" to be a part of our youth group or our Navajo Ministry.




Operation Holly Jolly

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Since we began our ministry at Rock Point, AZ at the Navajo Lutheran Mission, one of the important aspects of that ministry has been our Operation Holly Jolly. Many youth on the Navajo reservation at Rock Point don't live in a way you or I would recognize. Poverty in the area is incredible. One way we have tried to bring some joy to the community has been through our Operation Holly Jolly where we collect Christmas gifts for youth at the Navajo Lutheran Mission School and ship them out to Arizona and personally hand deliver the gifts to the youth at the Mission. The kids there are so thankful and really appreciate their gifts. I have gotten to deliver gifts 3 times (once with my wife Tracy and step-son Justin-when I proposed to Tracy incidently and once with my Dad and Justin). Lee and Laurie Laird delivered the gifts in 2007 and Marty and Marsha Grieser delivered the gifts this past Christmas-2009. In 2013 we did our first Easter Basket project.  It may change from year to year, but St. Paul has sent much love from the heartland to the children of Rock Point.  If you'd like more information on this project please feel free to contact me.



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Mission Statement

We celebrate God's love and

forgiveness by living the Word

and sharing the life, death, and

resurrection of Jesus Christ.


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