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This category, or child of the Missions page will focus on the African Mission in Tanzania. This is where text and/or photos will be put that describe general information about the African Mission in Tanzania.

Listed below are the articles that relate to specific events at the African Mission in Tanzania.

Songambele Article1

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Songambele, Tanzania, Africa

The outreach committee sponsored a  three week visit from Pastor Nyato and his interrupter Paul Mtuti from our sister congregation  Songambele Lutheran Church in Africa. 

These two men come from a small village called Songambele.  It is a small village (about 1,000) near the middle of the country of Tanzania which is located on the mid eastern side of Africa.  There are two main roads that are paved that run east and west, and north and south.  All of the other roads, except in the city of Dar Sa Lam, are bumpy dirt roads.  There is no electricity in Songambele, but they are expecting it soon.  They live simple lives of farmers, peddlers, and carpenters.  There is no hurry or time schedule in Songambele so they found our busy lives very interesting.  A few places they visited and things they did was tour a hospital, daycare center, nursing home and several business.  They went to the zoo, ate in a tea room, went to many restaurants and homes for meals.  They rode in a combine, and on four wheelers.  And much to there delight and ours played soccer games.  It is with much sadness that we had to see them leave.  But it was a true experience for us as well as them.  Our prayers and hearts traveled back with them.

Our Council and Outreach committee hosted 11 African Lutheran Evangelists that came to St. Paul to share their experiences in bringing the people in Africa to Christ.  Their stories and songs were an inspiration.

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